The Alternative Board: The One Page Business Plan

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The Alternative Board | The One Page Business Plan

Event Title | The One Page Business Plan
Type of Event | Business Clinic
Speakers | Andy Hartley (Director) and Dr Nick Howcroft (Director)
Scheduled Time | 15:30 until 16:00

Businesses that plan – do better.

There is 75 years of evidence that makes this clear. Yet research shows that less than 10% of small businesses have a business plan. Andy Hartley from The Alternative Board will be talking about how to get focused on the critical success factors for growth in your business.

What comes to mind when you think about a Business Plan? Is it a long tortuous process, resulting in a long pointless document, unfathomable financials and an impossible list of actions? Do you imagine that ultimately it will sit under a large pile of other papers on your crowded desk and never see the light of day?

In short when you think Business Plan, do you think “Waste of Time?”

Well, there is a better way. The Alternative Board helps 1,000’s of business owners around the world, people just like you, to clarify what they most want from their business and to achieve the business and personal success they have always dreamed of. A core element to this process is our small business planning toolkit ‘Strategic Business Leadership’, or SBL for short. SBL has been developed with smaller businesses in mind, and refined over 25 years by thousands of TAB businesses.

This mini surgery will introduce you to SBL and show how it can be used to create a One Page Business Plan that will get you focused on the critical success factors for success in your business, and in your life.

Andy Hartley | Director at The Alternative Board

Andy is a director of The Alternative Board (Bradford West) and has a wealth of business experience gained over 30 years. He has operated at a senior level in major manufacturing and large public sector organisations, and in small family owned and start-up businesses.

Andy’s particular expertise lies in leadership, vision and values, and business planning. He has specialist experience in CSR and Sustainability. He has grown businesses and also learnt from downsizing during periods of rapid change. Andy’s MBA and coaching qualifications developed his passions for leadership, communications and business strategy and his focus is to help business leaders do best, what matters most.

Andy is a guest lecturer at the University of Leeds, and is a highly active Growth Accelerator coach.

Dr Nick Howcroft | Director at The Alternative Board

Nick is also a director of The Alternative Board (Bradford West) and is a highly accomplished business coach with a particular focus on bridging across business and personal vision.

Nick was originally a teacher but became a highly successful sales team leader and trainer in the Pharmaceutical industry after completing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 1991.

Nick has been working with local business owners for the last 6 years helping them improve profitability and take greater control of their lives through coaching, development of outstanding, high impact training packages and strategic planning with prominent local businesses.