Lotus Seed Life: Get The Results You Want In Business, Personal And Life

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Lotus Seed Life | Get The Results You Want In Business, Personal And Life

Event Title | Get The Results You Want In Business, Personal And Life
Type of Event | Business Clinic
Speakers | Geoff Sober (Business Development)
Scheduled Time | 16:00 until 16:30

Geoff will shatter all the myths surrounding what it takes to be a success and share with you how you can truly have it all.

When an accident left his life plan in tatters, Geoff Sober summoned the strength to fight back. These days, he’s happy, successful and fulfilled. He lives by the mantra ‘out of adversity comes the seed of an equal or greater benefit’ and is a firm believer in the phrase ‘think and grow rich’, which was first coined by Napoleon Hill.

Many business gurus maintain you need three things to become a successful business person:
1 | Specialist Knowledge
2 | Mindset & Belief
3 | Support

Geoff Sober and Lotus Seed Life can address points two and three of the prescribed success formula.

Geoff has been involved in the personal growth and self development world for over twenty years and has tried many of the well known methods out there. However he found that many of these techniques provided a short term “adrenalin rush” rather than long term change. When Geoff discovered Lotus Seed Life in the US he created lasting change very quickly in his own life and then has continued to facilitate change within others for the last nine years. And those changes were for the long term. The messages in our brain can be changed.

So if you lack confidence, if you are worried about the decisions you are making, if you don’t believe you can be a success in business then Geoff can remove the blocks which are stopping you achieve your true potential.

So this talk will help those beginners who are afraid of making that first step into the property world. This talk is also for those people who perhaps have success in one area of their life but maybe they have health or relationship problems. The Lotus Seed Life message is that once you remove the negative vibrations in your brain then you can have it all. Lotus Seed Life is all about releasing your potential so that you express that greatness which is in all of us.