Jane Vincent: My Rolla Coaster Journey of Business

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Candelisa People | Jane Vincent: My Rolla Coaster Journey of Business

Event Title | Jane Vincent: My Rolla Coaster Journey of Business
Type of Event | Seminar
Speakers | Jane Vincent (Founder of Candelisa People)
Scheduled Time | 13:30 until 14:30

Jane Vincent, star of Channel 4's ‘The Job Centre’ and founder of Candelisa People, will be joining us to speak about her business life, the high and the lows, the tears and the smiles.

Jane is an award winning business women who has built two recruitment agencies from scratch, she will be talking at the event her experiences in making the show, outlining the positive outcomes for her business and also the pitfalls that can arise. Jane was also the Co Founder of Positive Bradford. Recently, she allowed Channel 4 into her business to film a fly on the wall documentary about Candelisa People, its candidates and its clients. Named 'The Job Centre', it was aired in May and June in four separate one hour specials.

She founded Candelisa People in 2009 with 27 years’ recruitment industry experience. Back in 1997, Jane set up Horizon Recruitment. By 2008 Jane had grown the company to a turnover of millions and had won a host of awards, including Best of the Best in the Recruiter Awards.

Earlier this year, Candelisa People showcased their services on the Channel 4 original series 'The Job Centre' as it followed Jane and her straight-talking team, as they seek out jobs for their extraordinary customers. As you’d expect, Jane has an eye for finding the right people. She’s built a team of recruiters who share her belief that relationships are everything in recruitment, and her passion for achieving the very best for both companies and applicants.

Jane is known for her upfront and frank approach, her honesty and likeability make her a captivating and inspirational speaker. Do not miss this!